Dec 27, 2012

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Audio Chapter Project

Audio Chapter Project

Alright fans! The moment has come to present this very unique crown opportunity to you. This will help the story out greatly as well as have you benefit with your contribution.

Yes, this is more than just a mini-contest, but a bit of work. And if you put in the effort, then we will reward you for your time. So this will not be for nothing.

We are looking for some good readers to use their vocal talents to read On the Horizon chapters to the millions world wide.


How this will work:
We are now opening a call for a chapter read to be submitted. Those who wish to apply would need to get your recording ready to do so. The rules:

1. You must submit a sample read from any chapter within the story. If there is a favorite chapter you would like to be a reader for, please indicate that in your message when you make your submission.

2. Your sample read must be at least 3 minutes but no longer than 10 minutes. So do not overdo it, and do not short change your reading. Make sure you find a good spot in the chapter that will demonstrate your dramatic and vocal ability,

3. Have your recording uploaded to YouTube and then e-mail it Once you receive a reply from us, then you know your application is accepted for consideration.

We will go over the pool of the accepted applicants and pick a reader to do a chapter read. That reader will have 30 days to read and record the ENTIRE chapter and get it submitted to us.
Further information will be given upon your selection.

Once that person submits their read chapter, then the reader will get 10k crowns.
Should that person fail to submit their entry, then they will forfeit and we will go with the next approved applicant to do the read. That person will have the same 30 days to get the chapter read and submitted. Then that person will be awarded the 10k crowns.

PLEASE REMEMBER, just like the video says, we are not looking for you to do any special affects work in the recording. Do not add any music to your submission. We just want the sound of your voice. Jon will tweak and add the rest in during the final editing process.

If there are any questions or problems, please email them to us at

~On the Horizon Team
We appreciate your help and look forward to your submissions.

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