Dec 22, 2012

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Challenge Accepted: My continuing journey through Azteca.

Challenge Accepted:   My continuing journey through Azteca.


I believe Jon must hate helping me by now.  It feels like I call upon him for every dungeon I go into.  And I’m sure he has better things to do then to babysit this old woman.   He’s still in pursuit of his perfect pet. And I’m constantly finding him at the Way of the Ninja Pig, training up one of his new hatchlings. Honestly I don’t know how he gets through that maze.  But he swears he gets his 4 points on every run.

Right now I am a level 89; literally halfway there in EXP to Promethean.   But I still got a lot of questing to go before I reach that final dungeon.  Last night I finally made my way to the Floating Mountains.  After going here and there to complete some tasks I ended up in the Apocalypse Cave where I had to defeat Ocuhaje Mirror Knife.  So, lucky me, I called upon Jon for help.  And thankfully he obliged me with his assistance.

Jon asked me, in the middle of the fight, if I found Azteca hard.  And to be honest, yea I kinda do, but is it meant to be easy?   There is a lot more stuff to do; more errands to run than I remember from Avalon or Zafaria, and even the minions are hitting pretty heavy.    But I expect that; these are tasks that I am willing to take.  After all, that is the beauty of this game (or any game for that matter) – the challenge.

Man… I remember the days when it took four people to do a Malistaire run.  You could possibly get away with three, but to play it safe a fourth was taken.  Now the game has been updated so that you could solo that dungeon.

I remember stepping into Celestia for the first time and going into the into the Promenade area of the Survey Camp.  It caught a lot of us by surprise when those minions were hitting us with level 7 spells.  In fact, all the minions of Celestia where hitting with their high ranked spells.   And they did so mercilessly with either their back-to-back Judgments, Storm Lords, etc.

And we thought that was hard.   Now Celestia would be a breeze to go through.   Just like Zafaria and Avalon would be too since we’ve had to overcome their challenges.  But Azteca is no cake walk.  That’s for sure.

So funny… I remember early on in my questing  when Jon had asked me to port to him while I was still doing some tasks in the Cenote.  And I was like “Wow!” this must be serious if he had to ask me for help.  So I did, and I ended up on that ship in Salt Meadow Swamp.  Since I hadn’t reached that area yet, the first thing I asked him was, “Are we in Pirates 101?”

“No, silly, we’re still in Wizards.”

“Are you sure?  Because this ship and those Monquistadors look like they’re from Pirates? What trickery is this?”  Of course he just laughed it off to humor the old woman then gave me my instructions on what I needed to do.

That’s Jon for ya.  Always bossing me around.

As much as Azteca is a place of beauty and wonder, full of character and life, and has lots of hidden gems to see… the bosses and minions there don’t play.   Well… they do, but they play harder than expected.

Every boss I’ve encountered has started out with the MAX amount of pips.  And they come out swinging with even higher ranked spells then before.  And the minions are just as tough as the bosses that lead them, striking a critical hit that at times you don’t block. Yet regardless of these new challenges there will be much to be gained.   As you reach LEVEL 84 you get the quest that will be enable you to receive the new Star Auras that beefs up your attacks.   And then at LEVEL 86, you will be able to receive the Sun spells that boost your blades and your traps.  So as you enter a dungeon – like Ocuhaje’s –  where the boss’ health is around 22K, rest assured you can defeat him when you have him well trapped  and yourself well boosted with your blades and aura.

Azteca also brings new crafted gear, which could potentially boost your stats.  But the recipes for those gears will not be available until you have completed the new Crafter’s quest to raise you to a Transcended Crafter.   Yes, this is another new challenge to sort through as the new hard to get reagent on your crafting list (other than Amber) is now Agave Nectar.  But the helpful members of the Wizarding Community have left plenty of maps around Central of the different spawning locations of these Agave plants.  So it just takes time, and a lot of realm hopping, for you to run through the grounds until you pull an Agave plant that gives you Nectar too.  You would think that you could easily transmute this reagent now (like you could with Amber) but King Isle won’t allow you to have the Nectar transmuting spell until after you’ve become Transcended.   Yes after.  Not before, or during, but after.

Yes folks.  This world is not easy.   It reminds me of what Will Smith’s character was saying to Jayden Smith, in the new movie called After Earth, when he was talking to his son about fear:

So, yes, this world is challenging.  But it is not impossibly hard to do.  Hard is what you make of it; that’s all in the mind.

Have fun.




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