Feb 22, 2013

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Pirate101 – New Test Realm

Pirate101 – New Test Realm

Avast maties, the Pirate101 Test Realm is open again!(Yes, >–again–< I said, I’m sure most of you know it opened a couple of days ago and  shut down after a few hours). Make sure to check the Update Notes for the complete list of changes and see my brief review of them below!

P101 Test_CompanionsThis Test Realm introduces a new feature for our companions called “Benching” which you gain at level 15 and is improved as you level up. This is a token you can drag and drop on your companion of choice which will provide them a relaxing beauty sleep and prevent them from getting into combat. There’s also a new power for Bonnie Anne, a healing ability which could be very helpful for any pirate who hasn’t trained Rouse (the basic Privateer healing power). I’m also happy to see a second promotion quest f0r my cat pirate, the companion from the retired Boochbeard Bundle. It has ALL hand-to-hand combat Epic talents, unfortunately we can only choose two…

Buccaneers have been improved! (Yay for Shelby, mrsmcclnt’s pirate) Players and a very small set of Crowns Only companions that had the “Berzerk” talent will have it renamed to “Turn the Tide” which will provide extra damage and accuracy when their health is low. This talent is also being given to all Buccaneers companions and I’m looking forward to seeing the effects of this ability on its 3rd rank which is not listed on the update notes. The Buccaneer’s power “Mighty Strike” will have the duration of the reduced accuracy increased (YAY for Shelby again!) Also a variety of companions with heavy armor –mostly buccaneers– had their armor increased to make heavy armor units more noticeable and draw a greater distinction between light-armored and heavy-armored companions.

P101 Test_PowersI’m also very happy to see the new power management tab which allows you to organize your powers in order to increase the chance of certain powers appearing first when you enter a battle. This gives us something similar to preparing your deck in Wizard101. Now we pirates can also take a quick –or extremely long **looks at Mrsmcclnt**– break to organize our powers to be more effective in combat. Speaking of powers, summoned minions have also been improved, I have heard of minions being around level 40 when its master is 50, this change effects mostly Witch-Doctors and Privateers, but there are some from items so I would consider that a improvement for all.

There’s are a ton of updates on collectable stuff, also known as “drops”. It seems the drop rate for many rare items has been increased (hopefully this will help me get Moo Machu’s wand which I have been farming for a LONG time). New items have been added (such as Friar Sand’s blade) and some have been updated (such as Water Guardian’s Staff). Also some missing badges for “completing all quests” in certain books have finally been added too!

P101 Test_Crown-not-Crown WheelAlso, some rare ship drops have been added to high level skyways. I claim the credit of finding and posting one of them on Central. In my first try I got a very fine wheel which has exactly the same stats as my Jade Wheel I got from the Crown Shop. I’m glad to see KingsIsle is adding ship equipment that is equal to Crown stuff (so I’m not tempted to buy the Marleybone Galleon Crown equipment for all my characters!). Heavy and Medium ship armor has also been improved to add accuracy and armor, and the fire-rate stat was finally removed from our ships, since they took that out in Beta.

Cool Ranch housing vendors, new Ratbeard’s hat and many other updates have been made. In a total of over 800 fixes, this Test Realm is surely a crucial one.


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