Jan 25, 2013

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The New Pirate101 pack – Tribal Crew

The New Pirate101 pack – Tribal Crew

I must confess: I didn’t know there was a new pack out on Pirate101 until the moment our dear editor, Kestrel, told me. After I realized that I haven’t been checking P101 news so often, she was like “Why are they getting out dino stuff on Pirates?!”.

Ok, I may have not been the first to know about the pack, and that movement from KI was something I was expecting.

I’m sure we all remember the time when KingsIsle was releasing –non-stop– MooShu themed stuff, such as the Kirin Hoard, Ninja Lore and Emperor’s Attic packs. J. Todd Coleman even commented on his Facebook page about the multiple islands of MooShu and that lead many, including Scarlet, to think the next game expansion would be in MooShu. They were wrong!

What happens is that while all this new content is being released in W101, KingsIsle was secretly creating the current highest level world of P101 (which happens to be MooShu). At that time, no one realized that the new (not so new anymore) game they were producing would also take place in the Spiral.

Even though some enemies in P101 are dinos called “Aztecasaurs”, nobody(even myself) actually figured out that this was a hint to the next world of W101. This shows how KingsIsle has the key points to expansions already planned for –at least– the next couple of months.

So it’s pretty safe to bet that while KingsIsle releases content on one of their games, it will most likely generate stuff for their other games as well. In fact, I’m looking forward to see what they’re holding in their arsenal that has an Aztecan theme, for some of the gear in this new P101 pack is NOT anywhere on W101. So yes, they have things to be released both here and there, they’ll  probably released in Hoard and Lore packs(we know how KI loves them), even though Scar and I are hoping for a new kind of attic pack…

Now, back to the main topic: the pack! Of course, before buying any I would(and did) check Pirate101 Central(the amazing forum fan site hosted by Jester and Olivia) to get a notion of what I could get! I’m too lazy to find the link to the thread, even though I looked at over 1,000 posts of players reporting their drops.

Tribal Crew Pack_Bone Drake

The first thing that caught my attention was the very-cool-looking pet, the Bone Drake! I had seen it before on the very first video of P101 (when KI announced it) and fell in love with it. However, no one had reported any drops of such a pet, and I even tried farming the dragons on Avernus Skyway(brief passage of Dragonspyre, to get the stormgate to Valencia), with no luck. At the end, I was able to conclude that the pet was not in-game at all.   In fact, I feared that it could be an exclusive item for KingsIsle employees and VIP community members, such as the Sheep in W101. Fortunately, I was wrong! The pet was released in this first pack, though I was a little nervous wondering how much I would spend to get such a rare-looking pet.   But thankfully this item was labeled as “common” and my luck allowed me to win it on my 4th pack!

Tribal Crew Pack_Mount

After having a dream where Scarlet gave me a skeletal dino, (similar to the Grim Calacas in the entrance of Twin Giants) I have been wondering if we would ever have Aztecasaur companions on P101. Once again, my dream came to be true, there’s 5 dino companions on the pack(one for each class, and it happens the calaca one would be a witch-doctor, just like myself). As many people have told me: “You can’t get it all”, unfortunately all the companions are labeled as “Epic”(or so says a Central member who I shall not name). I’m not very fond of any Aztecasaurs actually, and even though I wouldn’t mind a Grim Calaca companion, I don’t want to spend countless Crowns for a chance to get something cool…but which I don’t really need.

But that’s not all, as a hoard pack, it carries some mounts. And I must say… I love the golden and purple cats. The dinos are nice too, but as I said above: I’m not very fond of dinos. Unlike the W101 packs, the mounts seems to drop pretty often. In fact I would say that if you want a mount, it’s cheaper for you to buy some packs than actually spend Crowns directly on a mount(which are only available Crowns at this time), plus there’s a good chance you can get some gear and treasures.

Tribal Crew Pack_Housing

Speaking of treasures, the pack also carries some Azteca themed furniture. I have been working some on my house I got from the Boochbeard Bundle, and the furniture I got is very fitting for the current houses available in the game. I really hope this furniture reaches W101 soon, I could use it in my Pyramid of the Lost Horizon. The furniture drops also seem to include some Valencia clockwork displays. It reminds me a lot of the Armada and I’m hoping to see a Valencia house in the not so distant future.

The pack also includes something completely new for both W101 and P101 players: Treasures! These treasure items do not display in any tab of your backpack. You can only see it only listed under “all equipment” and their only purpose is to sell them at any vendor for gold. Even though I have not played many online games, I believe it’s treasures like this are quite common in MMORPGs. I recall seeing them when I briefly played DC Universe Online…I used to call them space-eaters, for their sale price was so low I didn’t even bother to get it to a vendor and often trashed them. At least with the P101 the treasures sell for a decent amount of gold.

So, out of a total of 10 packs, I was able to get 3 mounts(2 of the same, true, but that’s still 3 mounts), 2 Bone Drake pets, many furniture items, tons of Gold (from selling treasures) and some gear (decent for low level pirates, but not good enough to replace my Dread Pirate set). Overall I’m really happy with the first hoard pack they released but we have to realize that P101 doesn’t have all the additional activities that W101 has….crafting, pet training, treasure cards and gardening. These take up a lot of space in our W101 hoard packs, making it hard to get the items we actually want. After all, how many slots on your packs are eaten by low level snacks and ultra common reagents?

That’s the one reason why I love the Emperor’s Attic Pack, which is my favorite, it only gives you housing items (that’s what I want)! I would like to see KingsIsle making packs for each need we have. We can have the reagents pack expanded to include Amber, Turquoise and other important reagents. Maybe have a pack for gear and one for wands. Purreau’s Plentiful Pet Provisions (the only pet pack we have) is great too, it gives pets, snacks and pet themed housing items. Again, I’m happy with the first P101 hoard pack, keep up the good work, KI!


  1. I’ve been reading OtH101 on an off these days, and I think it’s a wonderfully written blog. I can see the effort put into the fan-fiction and into every post, being a posted fan-fiction author and blogger myself. Nicely done, and keep up the fantastic work!


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